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Fightlinker Wants My Eyebrows

In a piece of low-down skullduggery that ranks with other Canadian atrocities such as the attack on Pearl Harbor or the Yom Kippur War, our friend from north of the border Fightlinker chose to call me out over the Thanksgiving holiday -- a holy day NOT celebrated by the godless heathen of the icy waste.

He says that my post analyzing the difference in pre-fight rhetoric between Roger Huerta and Clay Guida constitutes my betting on Huerta to win. Of course, I recognize that Guida's superior wrestling skills give him a big edge over Roger Huerta, the somewhat sheltered UFC favorite son. But I'm willing to stick by my unfortunate rhetorical flourish and take the bet.  

He's decided that if Clay Guida wins, he wants my eyebrows. As you can see from the photo below, they're a worthy set of brows, full, lustrous and well-groomed. It's only natural he'd want them to help ward off the icy blasts of arctic wind he faces on his daily trek to the salmon cannery or timber mill or canadian gulag where he works.

Unfortunately I don't want Fightlinker's eyebrows, nor do I want a photo of him imitating the new UFC ring girl posing with grapes on her crotch.

I'm taking the bet of course, but I'm looking to you BloodyElbow readers to set my stake -- what should FightLinker have to do if Roger Huerta wins the fight?