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Handling Adversity in 3's

The loser of Wanderlei Silva vs. Chuck Liddell will have to wrestle with the fact that they've lost 3 straight fights. In boxing, that's career suicide and things don't get much better in MMA. But there are several notable MMA fighters who have rallied their careers back to the top after suffering three straight losses. MMA On Tap has documented some of those cases and each one is interesting. Here's one for Chael Sonnen:

Chael Sonnen:Sonnen had acquired a solid reputation as being a skilled middleweight during the first couple years of his career that found fighting mainly on the West Coast for the most part. The Team Quest product ended up losing three fights in a row in 2004, two of them to MMA veteran Jeremy Horn. Sonnen rebounded and worked his way into a stint in the UFC. Undefeated since leaving the home of the Octagon last year, Sonnen now finds himself challenging an undefeated Paulo Filho for the WEC Middleweight Title on December 12th.

That's going to be a bitter pill for Silva or Liddell to swallow on the 29th of next month. But maybe there's hope for them both.