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Will Georges St. Pierre Be Ready?

According to those who train with him and know him well, he'll be just fine come fight time. To wit:

Sources close to St. Pierre - who relinquished the welterweight belt in a TKO loss to Serra at UFC 69 in April - believe Hughes may have overplayed his hand. Greg Jackson, St. Pierre's coach, said the former champion is very close to fighting shape and will be more than ready for his rubber match with Hughes next month. According to Jackson, "Rush" was back in the gym soon after he defeated Josh Koscheck at UFC 74 in August.

"I saw Georges a few weeks ago when came out to help Rashad [Evans] get ready for his fight [with Michael Bisping], and he looked great," Jackson said. "He's always in shape. I talked to Phil Nurse, who does a lot of Georges' kickboxing training, and it sounds like he's stayed in shape. I think he's ready to go."

Brazilian Top Team teammate and fellow Canadian Patrick Cote echoed Jackson's sentiments.

"Georges was already training with us at BTT," Cote said. "He knew that an opportunity like this could happen, so he never stopped training. He's ready to go, so [fighting on short notice] is no problem."

Though we have no real way of knowing if this is a bluff or not, history tells us it probably isn't. GSP isn't the type of guy - at least not anymore - to accept or ask for challenges unprepared. Even prior to his wake-up after a beating at the hands of Matt Serra, GSP pulled out of fights because an injury forced him to reevaluate his calculus for taking a fight. If he's this active and this willing to participate, it stands to reason he believes he's ready in every way he needs to be. And if we are to accept his mantra that he will always bring his A-game to a fight, then Hughes will have his work cut out for him. Expect fireworks.