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All Hail King Georges St. Pierre

Steve Sievert of The Houston Chronicle signs the praises of GSP for stepping in on short notice to replace an injured Matt Serra. Notable quote:

Whatever they want to call it, White and the UFC made the right call in green lighting Hughes-St. Pierre. This is a fight that was going to happen anyway and probably sooner rather than later had Hughes beaten Serra at 79.

Hughes says he has a few fights left in his storied career and one of those was destined to be against GSP to finally crown a king in their personal battle. Each fighter owns a victory going into next month's rubber match.

After UFC 78 bombed - aside from a solid affair between Thiago Alves and Chris Lytle, there wasn't one sizzling fight on the card - and the downer of Serra's back injury, White knew he needed a little something extra to end the year right.

The only issue that still gives me a smirk is that Serra is the champion, yet far more fans seem interested in a fight where the champion isn't fighting. Deep down, most people still believe Serra isn't really the rightful champ.