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MMA News and Notes: The Good, The Bad, And The Ugly


Jarry Park: Interviews Brad Imes Has two more rumored fights for UFC Fight Night 12

  • Matt Wiman (8-3-0) vs. Justin Buchholz (7-1-0)
  • Kurt Pellegrino (10-3-0) vs. Alberto Crane (8-1-0)

The Bay Ridge Courier: Now entering the new Ring of Combat

Sherdog: Profiles Europe's Best-Kept MMA Secret

MMA Weekly: IFL British Team Falling Into Place

To sum up the speculation, Ian Freeman's British Bulldogs could feature a starting roster that looks like this:

  • LW: Abdul Mohamed (14-5-2)
  • WW: Jim Wallhead (12-4-0)
  • MW: Alex Cook (8-5-0)
  • LHW: Valentino Petrescu (5-0-0)
  • HW: Tom Blackledge (6-5-0)

I also thought I'd add this gratuatious, Arianny Celeste picture to offset the horror you are about to witness. Besides she was begging me to feature her more on the website and I can't say no when she gives me that puppy dog look. So here you go Arianny, just remember what you promised.

Yes I have a vivid imagination, please do not mock my fantasy life, for within it I also have a license to kill.



bodogFight has a fight featuring this handsome devil up on their website: Scott Henze vs Steve Connelly has the 411:

Tune in Tuesday, November 20 for an exciting middleweight bout between Scott Henze (20-9-2) and Steve Connelly (12-3), filmed September 29 in Evansville, Indiana.

Henze was looking to rebound from a devastating loss to former Bodog Fight Welterweight Champion Eddie Alvarez, who KO'd the Indiana native in Costa Rica earlier this year.

Conversely, Connelly, also from Indiana, came in riding a three-fight win streak.

"Connelly's a real character," says Bodog Fight Commissioner Jeff Osborne.

"He won the world face-sucking contest and appeared in the National Enquirer when he was just nine years old. He was able to suck his entire face in like an old man, mainly because he had no teeth."

Connelly fights under the nickname "No Sweat", but not because he takes it easy in the ring.

"He was born without sweat glands," says Osborne.

"Unfortunately, this means he can't cut weight the way most fighters do, by sweating off the pounds in the sauna. He has to do it the old-fashioned way - diet and exercise.