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Pride and UFC DVDs on Sale

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For what it's worth, I just went to to do some Christmas shopping (if you think I'm going into a store the weekend after Thanksgiving you're crazy) and I saw that the Pride and UFC DVD's are on sale.  I'm not shilling for Best Buy or any other company...but if you're like me and enjoy having the retail versions of shows and not just a bunch of burned copies (I'm a collecter...what can I say) then I figure you'll appreciate the info.

One of the real gems is Pride FC's 2003 Middleweight Grand Prix  4 discs including one of the best shows ever (Final Conflict 2003) regularly retailing for $39.98 on sale for $19.99.  TUF Season 1 is $9.99 and that's worth it for the finale alone.

So go order some DVD's to give as gifts, and grab a few for yourself while you're at it.