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Video Of The Day

ICON: Robbie Lawler vs Kala Kolohe on Dec 15th:

Kala Kolohe been absolutely killing the guys he's fought in the last year. Kala Kolohe came to us as a 250lb HW back in 2005. Kinda like Joe Riggs, he carved away the fat through training and dieting...and what was left was a ripped middleweight who can knock-the-f*ck out of his opponents. Kala is pure brawler, but his strikes land with some of most force we've ever seen at Icon. Lawler has the advantage, but Kala Kolohe has emerged in Hawaii as the "Rocky Balboa" of the State: a hard-hitting, blue-collar fighter who fears nobody and KOs pretty much everyone.

His only loss was his MMA debut...and it was against collegiate hall-of-fame wrestler Reese Andy, who now fights in the IFL.

Lawler vs Kala Kolohe makes sense from a style stand-point. If Mayhem - with all of his ground skills - was our champ, he'd be a terrible match-up for Kala Kolohe. But Robbie will stand with the Hawaiian bull...and that's going to make for an incredible one-round fight that will leave somebody asleep on the canvass. Its gonna be pretty damn exciting!

This fight was supposed to happen in June, but Lawler hurt his shoulder. Then it was gonna happen in Sept, but we replaced Icon with the Lawler vs Rua EliteXC card. So, Kala Kolohe has been waiting 6 months for this chance.

And 2 more videos for you to enjoy: