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What Were Your Chances To Be On TUF 7?

A little better than 1 in 10 if you showed up to the audition:

During the first round, paired-up participants grapple on a large mat on the floor in front of a panel of judges, including UFC president Dana White, "Ultimate Fighter" executive producer Craig Piligian and Spike TV senior vice president of sports and specials Brian J. Diamond.

Of the 149 men who showed up to audition, about 20 will join candidates who submitted tapes or were recommended by current UFC fighters for a final audition in Las Vegas. Then, 16 will be selected to have their lives taped while they train, live and fight together. Filming begins in January.

Update [2007-11-22 10:9:40 by Nick Thomas]: Or not, here's a thread about the audition experience:
I was there, it was 185lbs. Ended up being less then 149 as a few people went to the bathroom, but really left the room to grab their sh*t and run out the door. It was fun, but they gave us 1 minute to grapple, then the next phase was striking. But you had to get picked after the grappling portion to go on to the second phase.

When they called the names it was exactly as expected, it was the TOP NJ pro fighters only, and a couple guys from Serra's. Guys came in from California, Miami, Atlanta, Canada, etc to tryout but this was purely a "publicity" stunt, they knew in advance who they wanted to go on to the next phase of the tryout. It was definately fun though. And everyone was very cool to each other.