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Have You Heard of Tracy Lee?

MMA photography is an underappreciated art form. Beyond that, though, MMA photography is both journalism in the form of covering events as well as documenting life behind the scenes. There aren't very many folks good at this occupation. However, there is one standout and her name is Tracy Lee.

I'm not overly familiar with her background, but I'm modestly familiar with her work. Overall, her body of work is impressive. She isn't an artist insofar as her photography has some underlying message or cryptic undercurrents. Lee's photography has the feel of a MMA insider that's distinctly of the 20-something generation. In other words, it's slightly - yet intentionally - pedestrian but speaks directly to my demographic. I'll admit that parties are documented much more than I have any stomach to watch, but I believe that's more a bill-paying necessity than a consciously selected platform to shoot.

I came across Lee's work while lurking at Lee is arguably the hardest working photographer in MMA, attending every event large and small, capturing the dramatic and mundane all the same. She almost always posts her work on messagethreads there that get fairly wide acclaim.

I've posted several of her shots here, but for more of her work check out her web page.