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Video of the Day - Rob Emerson

It turns out Rob Emerson - season 5 alumni of the The Ultimate Fighter - is going to be doing some time in the poke. 9 months to be exact. He and some other rich friends from rich neighborhoods formed a psuedo-street gang and terrorized unsuspecting white people. Watch this news report for all of the details. Emerson makes an appearance towards the end of the video.

As for the lesson here? There isn't really one. I'm sure Spike and the UFC do background checks on potential cast members, so Emerson likely came up clean. And his everyday demeanor seems reasonable enough. This just goes to show you often times never really know someone as well as you might think. I also think this proves rich white kids with too much time on their hands need to be beaten severely with a tire iron.

Update [2007-11-20 23:37:3 by Luke Thomas]: According to the astute UFCMania blogger, this video appears to be from 2000. That would mean he committed these acts prior to being on T.U.F. That also means he passed his background check one way or the other. Hats off to the producers who knowingly cast Emerson on a show trying to prove the legitimacy of the sport. Maybe the guy's had a change of heart since then, but this sport gets judged one resume at a time. Emerson's happens to be quite dirty. He's not going to end this sport tomorrow, but this is atrocious.