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Sean Salmon Doing "Good"

I think he means "well", but you get the idea:

Following the loss, Salmon was taken to the Valley Medical Trauma Center to undergo a number of tests, including a CT scan.

The tests came back negative and it was determined that Salmon had also not suffered any bleeding of the brain, nor a skull fracture.

Adam of's "The Fight Card" radio show spoke briefly with Salmon, who confirmed those reports with a simple quote, telling

"I'm good. All the tests came back negative. I'm doing good now."

From what I understand, Salmon is still scheduled to face Jason "Mayhem" Miller on December 15th for HDNet Fights. I'm no medical doctor, but you have to think sitting that fight out - a fight only 3 weeks away - couldn't be the worst of ideas. Not only is that a devastating injury, but it's not as if the training leading up to that fight will be soft on the body. And Mayhem is not the sort to take it easy or drop from taking a beating. If Salmon doesn't get finished early, the best case scenario he can expect is a war.

I hope Salmon's ok, but I'd rather him live to fight another day according to guidelines that are a little healthier.