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Penn vs. Stevenson For Interim Title

Scheduled for UFC 80, which is rumored to be free on Spike TV:

Sean Sherk is going to remain the UFC's lightweight champion, but B.J. Penn and Joe Stevenson will fight for a lightweight belt at UFC 80 in January in Newcastle, England, UFC president Dana White said Friday.

White said he's not going to strip Sherk of his lightweight championship because he is fed up with the California Athletic Commission's handling of Sherk's steroids case.

The winner of that bout would then presumably face Sherk once Sherk's status is defined by the commission.

Update [2007-11-5 8:57:34 by Nick Thomas]:
Interim or not, Hilo's BJ Penn is ready to chase a shot at the 155 title at UFC 80:
"I was training hard all this time, but it was tough to get motivated not knowing what was going on," "At least now I know I have to get ready for Stevenson if I want that belt."
"Stevenson is good all-around," "He'll come in shape, so I have to be at my best. I'm expecting a good fight."
"He deserves a shot," Penn said. "I have nothing bad to say about the guy."

"I was told four different times that it was going to be on with Sherk, and it got pushed back every time," "I'm just happy they set something else up. I was getting tired of waiting."
"If he did win the belt by cheating, that's ridiculous," "But he's the one who has to live with it."
"Just like bodybuilding," Penn said. "If guys are cheating, maybe there should be two divisions."