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The Big Winner at UFC 78: Frank Edgar

Sherdog's Mike Sloan is leading the Frankie Edgar hype train:

I think it's time we all start paying some attention to one of the most promising fighters on the horizon: Frank Edgar. I thought his win over previously undefeated Tyson Griffin was more or less just a bad night for Tyson, but after watching Edgar dominate Mark Bocek and now thoroughly thrash Spencer Fisher  via unanimous decision, it's safe to say that this kid from New Joisey is for real. I still think Fisher has enough talent to legitimately challenge for a world title (if not actually win one) and Edgar made it look easy. The lightweights had better start studying film on this guy.

Edgar is definitely talented and game but he's also got some weaknesses that IMO would be exposed in match against B.J. Penn -- where his lack of BJJ polish would be exposed -- or champ Sean Sherk -- who would overpower and outwrestle Edgar.