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Does UFC 78 Prove MMA Should Be Legal in New York State?

Kevin Iole thinks so and while I agree MMA should be legal everywhere I'm not sure what one mediocre UFC event has to do with the legalization process. Dana White makes an interesting point about the regulation process which Iole builds upon. To wit:

"The thing that cracks me up," White said on Saturday during the post-fight news conference, "and that is so ironic about this whole thing is that this was originally pulled off of pay-per-view and off of cable because Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.) wanted it to be sanctioned and the former owner didn't want it to be sanctioned. ... Now, there are other commissions saying they won't sanction it when we're trying to be sanctioned."

White's belief is that if New York finally sanctions it then the other states will fall into line and his dream will be realized.

And then his only concerns will be cards that don't live up to expectations and not where the fights are held.

To be honest, I'm betting this event goes just as far towards regulation than any other event. I'm not sure athletic commissions really want to see Sean Salmon-style KO's or Don Frye vs. Ken Shamrock heel hook battles. They aren't out to evaluate excitement per se and I'm not so sure they'd recognize it even if it was in front of their face. What's important at this juncture is having sell-out crowds, notable names, athletic fighters, and reasonably compelling match-ups. To that end, UFC 78 delivered. That's not saying a great deal, but it's saying enough.