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Salmon Suffers Seizure After Being KO'ed

This was mentioned in the comment portion of yesterday's Strikeforce live blog but I wanted to get it up on the front page.

From Sherdog's Event Writeup:

Salmon (14-5-0) lay motionless on the canvas before suffering what CSAC executive officer Armando Garcia called a small seizure. Paramedics strapped Salmon, who attempted to stand on weak legs after regaining consciousness, on a stretcher and transported him to Valley Medical Center, located some 20 minutes from the arena.

"He is immediately suspended," Garcia said of the 30-year-old Salmon. "People get knocked out all the time, but they don't go into a seizure. He's done -- that's the general consensus."

Arriving at the hospital, Salmon, who was scheduled to fight Dec. 15 in Dallas, Texas, against Jason Miller, was alert and walking under his own power, Garcia said. A CT scan didn't reveal any bleeding on the brain.

That last line is very good news as bleeding on the brain is very dangerous.  There isn't a lot of extra space inside the braincase and the skull is not built to expand.  Since the skull doesn't expand the blood presses on the brain and can cause those areas of the brain to stop functioning.  The more blood pressing on the brain, the more things that can be affected, such as the areas of the brain that control breathing and heart rate.

So it is very good to hear Salmon was up and walking around, and had the clean scan.  I do think that he'll have trouble getting sanctioned anywhere in America for at least the next year, if ever again.  Honestly, if they don't hand him at least a year suspension (the way commissions work other state AC's will uphold California's suspension) I would be shocked.

Here's hoping that Salmon recovers fully and suffers no long-term effects.