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StrikeForce Tournament Brackets Set -- Almost

So they had the drawing to determine the StrikeForce tournament brackets for tonight.

It's going to be:

Yuki Sasaki vs Jorge Santiago
Sasaki is a typical Pancrase-bred fighter -- as Karo Parisyan would say "he's good at everything, not great at anything." Santiago is the epitome of the American Top Team fighter -- comes from a BJJ base but has some power standing -- he can also be a bit of a brawler on the feet. I doubt either of these guys can get a submission and I don't think Santiago is strong enough to over power Sasaki. This is too close to call.


Trevor Prangley vs Falaniko Vitale
Prangley is a powerful wrester and Vitale is best known as the guy that beat Matt Lindland when Lindland KO'd himself on a takedown. I think Vitale has a slim chance at getting a sub but otherwise I expect Prangley to win by GnP, TKO or decision, on his way to winning the whole thing.

The catch is that Yuki Sasaki has a "neurological issue that has to be cleared" before the show. So alternate Dennis Hallman might move up to fight Santiago. That would leave alternate #2 Sean Salmon ready to jump in but without a guaranteed fight.

I have to say this looks like a good show.