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The Case for Joe Lauzon

Made by none other than Joe Lauzon himself:

Do you have a specific game plane or strategy coming into this fight?

Um, I'm going to kind of see where this fight goes. There are a couple of things I'm thinking I would like to do and where I'd like to put the fight. It's going to kind of depend on how I react to what he does. He's been all over and message boards trying to call me out saying he knows I'm man enough to stand and trade with him. We're both dominantly grappler's. Submission guys. We beat the guys on the ground. He's trying to kind of lure me into some striking match where he thinks he has a snowballs chance in hell. I really think I'm going to have the upper-hand anywhere it goes. When we're standing on our feet, I have a huge reach advantage on him. He's 5'6, I'm 5'10. On the ground I think I'm way better than him. I'm stronger than him, I think I'm faster than him. He's like 37, I'm 23. So I think I have every other advantage. I've been in the UFC before. I didn't get the UFC jitters that everyone else claims to get. So he'll have to deal with that. He'll have deal with being on a bigger show. He's got a lot to contend with, so, he's going to be fighting an uphill battle from the start.

"Every advantage" is a mild way to put it. Between the wrestling, aggression, submission acumen/defense, striking, and probably even cardio Lauzon has virtually every conceivable advantage. Add to that fact Reinhardt's less-than-impressive opponents, his age, and his octagon debut and the picture gets even bleaker. I expect nothing less than a blowout in favor of Lauzon. We'll see what BJ Penn has given him. It should be a lot.