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Jason Reinhardt Whistling Past the Graveyard? has a feature on the 38 year old undefeated submission specialist Reinhardt wherein he admits he's got very little chance against up and coming TUF veteran Joe Lauzon:

I like to be a very humble person. This is martial arts and I don't like trash talking and all that stuff, because on November 17th, we're gonna fight and the best man is gonna win. But the thing is, I fought at 135 and 145 pounds. I'm walking around at 152 pounds. Let's not take this thing to the ground. You know and I know that if two guys are at an equal level at jiu-jitsu, the bigger guy is usually going to win. Now I'm not scared to lose, and I feel there's no possible way I can lose this fight. But let's get fight of the night, and let's stand and bang. Joe is a tough guy, he's got the reach on me, he's bigger than me, but I'm ready to rock and roll, and I'm ready to fight. We're gonna have a great fight, and I hope he doesn't try to take me down and lay on top of me, because that sure as hell isn't gonna get fight of the night.

Or is he trying to bait Lauzon into taking him down because he thinks he can get the submission? Lots of strategery here.