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Ryo "Piranha" Chonan Talks UFC

Chonan's English isn't as garbled as you might expect -- he's almost comprehensible, certainly better than my Japanese.

I think there are three x factors that Chonan brings to this match against Karo.

  1. He's a big welterweight, having fought at 183lbs most of his career.
  2. He comes from a judo background. Judo is as popular there as wrestling is in the American midwest. I'll be very surprised if Karo is able to catch Ryo with one of his trademark throws -- it's got to be second nature for Chonan to avoid putting his weight in such a way as to set up a big toss.
  3. He's been training with Dan Henderson at Team Quest. I expect his clinch work and boxing to be much improved. Perfect prep for Karo. I'm sure Sokoudjou has been working with him on judo defense at Team Quest.
Do I still think Karo Parisyan will win? Yeah I do, but I expect a good showing from Chonan and if the odds get over -300 for Karo I might even put some money down on the Pirana.

Don't forget, he's the guy who caught Anderson Silva with this flying heel hook. Here's a highlight reel with commentary by Josh Barnett.