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Ortiz Wants Evans/Bisping Winner in February

From the Edmonton Sun:

"When I lost to Chuck Liddell I took a step down. When I fought Rashad (Evans) I thought I won the fight. It was supposed to happen again, but it ain't happening," said Ortiz, who holds a career 15-5-1 record.

"I looked at a thing on and it said the lightheavyweights are Rashad vs (Michael) Bisby and there were others that were contenders, but my picture wasn't on it."

"They are just trying to hold on and make sure the fighters don't get more powerful. I am going to work to get the right fights and that belt will be around my waist."

Ortiz hopes to be back in the octagon by February, hopefully taking on the winner of the Rashad, Bisby fight.

If you believe what Dana White has been saying Evans/Bisping is a number one contender bout of sorts.  If that is the case then it's hard to see Tito's February return being against the winner.  I do think it would make more sense for the winner to get Ortiz in February than a title shot.  I don't think that either guy has done enough to deserve a title shot; in their last fights Bisping was given what is considered by many to be a gift decision over Matt Hamill and Evans fought to a draw with Ortiz.

With the possibility of UFC 81 being shown on CBS having a TUF winner against former poster boy Ortiz could pull in a few viewers.

Add that fight to the card and you have:

-Anderson Silva vs. Dan Henderson for the UFC Middleweight Championship (rumored)
-Frank Mir vs. Brock Lesnar (confirmed)
-Tyson Griffin vs. Gleison Tibau (rumored)
-Tito Ortiz vs. Bisping/Evans winner

And then the fact that Couture is still being offered the Nogueira fight and you could have an all around REALLY solid show.  I don't think it's too much of a coincidence that the same day that the UFC 81 on CBS possibility comes out the news that White and Randy are going to meet also breaks.  I'm thinking we see Randy fight one more time for the UFC in February (after White throws some big cash his way to make it happen).