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Spencer Fisher Talks Strategy for UFC 78

Spencer Fisher talks about his strategy for his fight this Saturday against his fellow top contender in the UFC 155lb division, Frankie Edgar:

I'm going to try to change things up for this fight.

I have a tendency to let emotions take control of me. I just go out there and I go for it. That's something that usually works out for me. It's been successful for me in all my fights except for three.

However, this fight I'm going to try not to be taken down as much and not go forward as much. My problem is I let emotions take control, I go out there and I try to take the guy out. This fight, I'm going to try to go out there and maybe be a little more patient.

I'm glad to see that Spencer recognizes that his go for broke striking style is an open invitation for Frankie the wrestler to put him flat on his back.

This is reassuring to me, as an earlier interview with Fisher indicated his "plan" was to try to psyche Edgar out of taking him down:

I know first hand what he [Frank Edgar] is good at and what he's not as strong at. It depends on whether or not he wants to come and fight or whether he wants to make it a wrestling match and ride out a boring decision ... I hope he comes to fight and give his fans what they want to see.... Frank's a tough guy, he's very tough and he's in great shape. I think he likes to get after it as well, I just hope he comes with that mentality into this fight.