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EliteXC: Renegade - Live Results

Join us live at 10:00pm eastern for live results and updates from what could be EliteXC's best show to date. Once the show begins use your F5 key to refresh for round-by-round updates.

Pre-Showtime Results:
-Jae Suk Lim defeated Daniel Pineda - Submission - Rear Naked Choke - 2:42 Round 1
-Brett Rogers defeated Ralph Kelley - Submission - Strikes - 1:43 Round 1
-Matt Lucus defeated Jon Kirk - Decision - 30-27 all cards
-Yves Edwards defeated Nick Gonzalez - Submission - Rear Naked Choke - 3:05 Round 1
-Geoff Bumstead defeated Robert Ruiz - Submission - Rear Naked Choke - 1:30 Round 1

We are live! First up is...some really lame breakdancing. Sorry, that kind of "show" doesn't really get my blood pumping. Bill Goldberg interviews Kimbo backstage and again I'm reminded that he is a really well spoken guy.

Super Heavyweights: Antonio Silva vs. Jonathan Wiezorek

Round 1: Jonathan rushes in but Silva is the one landing punches and shoves the charging Wiezorek away. Solid knee up the middle by Silva. Wiezorek clinches and Silva pours on some strikes, hurting him badly. Wiezorek is down on knees and elbows eating shots before rolling and getting side control. Again Silva lets the punches fly and gets mount. The mount is nice and high, shots are landing and Wiezorek gives up his back. Rear naked choke is sunk and Jonathan has to tap. Wow, Silva looked really solid. He controled everything from the opening bell. Antonio Silva wins via Submission - Rear Naked Choke - 3:12 Round 1. Showtime is really playing up the fact that Silva was at 265 so he will likely be fighting at heavyweight going forward, rather than super heavyweight as the fight was tonight.

Middleweights: Seth Kleinbeck vs. Kyle Noke

Round 1: Slight low blow by Kleinbeck on a low kick but no stop in the action. Noke with a good straight left. Kyle is looking to counterpunch almost exclusively here in the first couple minutes. Kick by Noke is caught by Kleinbeck and Seth takes him down. Kyle works back to full guard and is looking active with his legs trying to secure an armbar or triangle choke. Noke is remaining too active from the bottom for Kleinbeck to really do any damage from the top. Seth has had enough and steps back to get the fight back to standing. Klienbeck with his best punch of the round on a looping right counter. Round ends and Noke gets it on my card, a very good example of a guy not losing a round when he is on his back. 10-9 Noke. Round 2: Kleinbeck looks more active and Noke goes for the takedown. After a scramble Noke has the full mount, Kleinbeck gives up his back and Noke goes for the rear naked. Noke continues to work for the choke but Kleinbeck is staying calm and working through the danger. Noke still has his back and is using strikes to try to set up the submission. Seth is able to turn over and is now on top sitting in Noke's guard. The ref with a slightly too-quick standup. Noke pushes his punches a bit more than I'd like to see but he uses one of those punches to secure a good double leg, landing in Kleinbeck's guard. Noke has opened a cut above Kleinbeck's right eye. The ref wants to have this checked out and it looks pretty nasty. I'm thinking this is getting stopped. It's a FILTHY cut and the doctor calls a stop to the fight. Kyle Noke wins by TKO - Ref Stoppage: Cut - 4:22 Round 2. Replays show a nice elbow as the blow that opened the cut. The announcers state that 2 of the judges gave Kleinbeck the first round, the sport still has a ways to go before judges get past "on top = round won."

Welterweights: Jake Shields vs. Mike Pyle

Round 1: Pyle with a big knee to the body after stuffing a takedown and Shields looked hurt briefly. But he went right back in for a takedown, working through a choke attempt and Pyle is able to work it back to a standing clinch. Shields shoots again and again it works to the feet. Shields finally puts Pyle on his back. Light body punches by Shields from top and he passes to half guard. Not a lot of damage being done but Shields has passed to full mount. Pyle gives up his back and Shields sinks the choke. Jake Shields wins by Submission - Rear Naked Choke - 3:39 Round 1.

Two fights left...and that means it's time for...

Heavyweights: Kevin "Kimbo Slice" Ferguson vs. Bo Cantrell

Round 1: Cantrell misses the spinning backfist.'s over. 19 seconds for Kimbo to KO Bo. Cantrell has now lasted barely over 3 minutes while losing his last five fights. Kevin "Kimbo Slice" Ferguson wins by Submission - Strikes - 0:19 Round 1. Nothing looked to land too solid, there was a really good body shot an attempted elbow that was more forearm to the ear and Cantrell fell and tapped out before Kimbo landed any more shots. Cantrell didn't want to be in there and it showed in his eyes before he even entered the cage. On the positive side, Kimbo looked like a real fighter. He walked forward, stalking, and didn't waste any energy until he was set up to do what he wanted. I still can't figure out why Cantrell was tapping, Kimbo was about to land some shots to the now downed Bo...but he was tapping before any of them landed. I'm not going to hold it against Kimbo as it clearly wasn't his fault...but that was some garbage.

Lightweight (160 lbs) Championship Fight: Nick Diaz vs. KJ Noons

Round 1: Noons with a good body shot to start things. Single leg attempt by Diaz but KJ escapes. Another great body shot and a follow up uppercut. KJ is really working the body and Diaz isn't able to get a takedown. Noons is picking him apart right now. Diaz finally is able to get the takedown and is in half guard. Diaz is cut and KJ manages to escape from bottom back to standing. The fight is stopped to check the cut, it's right below the right eyebrow but not much blood so the fight is restarted. Noons with a big right and Diaz goes down. Noons stands over him landing a few shots. They're back to the feet and Diaz is but over the other eye. Noons is doing a great job of controling the fight. A left and a right uppercut land. Diaz with a combination and he is trying to get back into things. A right lands for Noons. Again Diaz isn't able to secure the takedown. The round ends and I've got it 10-8 on my card for KJ Noons. KJ controled the action on the feet and when Diaz did get him down he escaped to standing quickly...add that to the knockdown and it's a 10-8 round. THE DOCTOR STOPS THE FIGHT! Diaz is pissed, walking backstage and flipping off the cage. KJ Noons wins the EliteXC Lightweight Championship by TKO - Doctor Stoppage - 5:00 Round 1. It was a good stoppage, Diaz was cut in multiple places that would run into his eyes.

Diaz shoves the cameraman backstage. Showing again that he is little more than a child mentally. I know he has had a hard life, but you're a professional athlete...carry yourself like a man. Noons deserved to win the fight, he looked stellar for the entire first round. The crowd booing is just sad.

The real loser tonight is EXC. Noke/Kleinbeck looked like it was going to develop into a really solid fight...but cut stopage. Kimbo/Cantrell was a bust in that Cantrell wanted no business fighting, he just wanted a paycheck (the forums are already abuzz with talk of the fight being a "work"). And the main event ends rather unsatisfyingly on a cut. You can't do anything about cuts, they happen...but for such a good card on paper the fights had results that weren't exactly crowd-pleasing. If they keep putting out cards like this though, things are going nowhere but up for them.