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We're making headway in Tennessee, folks:

During the 2007 Legislative session, there were (3) bills introduced to the Tennessee General Assembly regarding Mixed Martial Arts. There were (2) bills that were exact in language that grouped the sport of mixed martial arts under the boxing definition of the code. These bills never passed out of committee simply because there were still too many unknowns.

Based on suggestions from lawmakers, a third bill Senate Bill 488 and House Bill 405 regarding mixed martial and other unarmed combat sports in the state did get widely supported by legislators and did pass the House and Senate overwhelmingly. What this bill did was appoint a Study Committee of House and Senate members to examine and hear testimony from industry experts. They will focus on the legalizing of mixed martial art competitions, improving our current boxing program, and how overall the State could form an athletic commission that would encompass all unarmed combat sports to aid in successful events for all. The Study Committee is scheduled to meet October 24th in Nashville. At that time, research, evidence, and testimony will be presented to educate lawmakers and department officials in order to move forward with recommended legislation for the 2008 Legislative Session.

Quinton "Rampage" Jackson is committed to playing an active role with his support towards these efforts to legalize MMA in Tennessee. He will be appearing and testifying before the committee.

Yet another reason to like Rampage.

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