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Two More Fighters In the UFC Deep Freeze?

Per Dave Meltzer (by way of MMA Payout)

  • Dan Henderson wants to stay at 205 while the UFC wants him to drop to 185 for another unification match. Henderson only has one fight left on his current contract.

  • Cro Cop hasn't been taking the company's phone calls of late and his future is very much in doubt. With such a high downside guarantee to go with his lackluster performance, he has become very expendable.

No real surprise about Cro Cop, but I hate to see the UFC put the squeeze on Henderson. Their habit of stalling out fighters who are on the last fight of the contract really irks me. Anybody heard from Nate Marquardt lately? He's got one fight left with the UFC. And then there's Tito Ortiz and Andrei Arlovski...

As Adam Swift puts it:

Ortiz joins Andre Arlovski, who also has one fight left on his current deal, in the UFC's version of purgatory where star fighters without multi-fight deals go to cool off.

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