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What a Difference the Cage Makes

Jeff Comstock over at FightOpinion has a good feature on upcoming fighters.

One of the fighters he discusses is Japanese cage star Yoshiyuki Yoshida.

At Cage Force 4 Yoshiyuki Yoshida would face the greatest challenge of his career in his semi-final bout versus the former Shooto champion Akira Kikuchi, long considered one of Japan's most dangerous grapplers. Kikuchi, fighting out of the Killer Bee dojo was the odds on favorite to win the tournament. Surviving a barrage of punches after being mounted, Yoshida wisely used the fence to return the bout to the standing position. Kikuchi again attempted to take the bout to the mat and in the scramble ended up on Yoshida's back in the standing position. Yoshida managed to throw Kikuchi off and proceeded to assault Kikuchi, who he had pinned against the fence. His experience under the "unified rules" of MMA as practiced in Cage Force were evident as he forced the referee to stop the fight due to the vicious barrage of bloody elbows Yoshida threw from side control.

Now watch the fight. No way Kikuchi loses in a ring, but in a cage, with elbows, he gets destroyed.