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Bas Rutten Talks Sense on Drugs and Steroids

Bas drops some science in this great interview at Triumph United:

PT: What do you think about the athletic commissions fining and suspending guys that are getting busted for weed?

BR:  I think Nick Diaz should have gotten a medal after he beat Gomi, not have his decision reversed. He should have gotten some kinda of bonus. Do you know how difficult it would have been to compete with weed? To beat Gomi the way he did with that unbelievable gogoplata with weed in his system, I mean come on man, this guy deserves some sort of special medal. I don't like how the athletic commission looks at weed. There is no way it allows you to take more punishment, come on! The only concern I would have is what your mental state would be going into a fight. If you're going into a fight and could potentially be stoned, you could do some serious damage to yourself if you're not 100% mentally in the ring. The athletic commission should come out and say they are worried about a fighter's well being, not finding ways to take wins away from guys. I think their approach is all wrong. It's the same with steroids. They are making steroids and weed sound like it is an advantage. We know that is not true in this sport. Steroids might give an advantage for the first two minutes of a fight, but that's about it. These guys are doing serious damage to their bodies and that should be our concern. It shouldn't be a punishment thing. It should be a safety thing. And that's where I think the athletic commission is doing things wrong.

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