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PRIDE 2.0 Watch

This will likely be the last entry of this little mini-series I call "PRIDE 2.0 Watch." I could've arguably ended it at UFC 75 when the PRIDE Middleweight belt ceased to exist, but I didn't. Not sure why I waited. Now, it seems, I have no choice:

Sports Navigator (Yahoo Japan) is reporting tonight (Thursday night Japanese time) that Jamie Pollack, the Zuffa-appointed legal advisor who went to Japan shortly after Lorenzo Fertitta purchased the assets of PRIDE from Dream Stage Entertainment, has shut down the PRIDE FC Worldwide office in Tokyo. Furthermore, the report claims that Pollack fired all PRIDE WW employees with a telephone call.

PRIDE public relations boss Mr. Sasahara (who is/was close to Hustle and Nobuyuki Sakakibara) issued a public apology to the fans. Sasahara said that the PRIDE staffers are confused and bewildered by the sudden closing of the office, further adding that he feels resentment towards the way the American owners betrayed the people who supported PRIDE. Sasahara reiterated that he believed what Lorenzo Fertitta had initially stated about the future of PRIDE, but now the operation is finished and staffers couldn't access or get to cell phones or personal computers.

Oh well. It was fun while it lasted.

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