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Luke Thomas on Fight Network Radio

I was a guest yesterday on Mauro Ranallo's Fight Network Radio on Sirius 186. Click here to listen.

Thanks to Mauro & Co. for having me on. Unfortunately the linked clip only has part of the segment. During the second half a caller took umbrage with my contention that the UFC - more specifically Dana White - should adopt a more professional image and assume more professional business tactics. The caller specifically cited how the X-Games keeps its raw appeal and is able to generate high end sponsors. I replied by noting that the UFC programming murders the X-Games when it comes to ratings, so they should logically at least be in the running for some blue chip sponsors. Moreover, while the X-Games skater community does have some image problems, they're still able to attract high-end sponsors like Mountain Dew, whereas the UFC is treating its viewers to instant replay feeds sponsored by malt liquor. I'm sorry, but if you have any sort of dignity, you have to be embarrassed by that.

Perhaps I am a snob since my family is in the wine business, but truthfully, I enjoy the occasional Miller Lite and wings as much as the next guy. Mickey's Malt Liquor is an atrocious product designed for fraternity brothers and the local beauties of America's sundry ghettos. If that's your demographic, perhaps this sport doesn't need you as a fan after all.

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