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Couture's Paystubs Tell A New Story

As Luke mentioned earlier, Fightlinker has up a PDF of the documents Dana White provided at yesterday's presser.  It's all interesting stuff, and I can't imagine anyone being able to side with Randy after seeing that he really was making some good scratch.  The numbers on the checks are much more in line with what Dana has been saying all along than with Randy.

The reason that White and the UFC are winning this "media war" is simple.  Randy relies on his standing as "noted hard working, good American guy" while Dana and the gang are acting a bit more like businessmen (for once) and providing actual proof to back their statements up.  Randy claimed to make half a mil for the Sylvia fight while Iole said it was 1.1 mil.  Then after looking through the docs provided by the UFC yesterday you see that it was actually closer to 1.2.  Chalk one up for White and the boys.

The way I see it, Randy has two options.  One, he finishes out his contract.  It's the honorable thing to do.  You sign a deal; you honor the deal.  The way I was raised taught me that doing so is a part of being a man.  Two, he says that it really isn't about the money and just doesn't want to fight anymore.  Then...he stays retired.  None of this Jordan coming out of retirement to play for the Wizards crap.  Just go make movies and never fight again.

Of course, we're much more likely to see option three.  This is, of course, the option involving a lengthy and contentious battle in the courtroom.

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