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Unpredictable September?

So September 2007 was probably the biggest month for MMA ever. The crew at MMA Predictions have compiled how their readers did at predicting the outcomes for the various events last month. It's a pretty good way to gauge which events featured the most upsets (and/or which events featured mostly unknown fighters):

    * Art of War 3: USA vs. Brazil 39.6%
    * Pancrase: Rising 6 52.5%
    * WEC in Vegas 36%
    * UFC 75: Champion vs. Champion 50%
    * Underground Grand Prix 48.2%
    * Elite XC: Uprising 77%
    * K-1 HERO'S Olympia 41.4%
    * Ultimate Fight Night 11 62.8%
    * IFL World Championships 38.1%
    * Cage Rage 23: Unbelievable 55.4%
    * UFC 76: Knockout 42.6%
    * MTL: Tsunami vs. Avalanche 36.1%
    * Strikeforce: Playboy Mansion 62.4%

UFC 76 really kinda jumps out atcha don't it.

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