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Dana Says Arlovski's 'Sitting On The Bench'

Heavyweight snipets from Dana's conference call Thursday afternoon:

Arlovski has just one fight left on his contract with the UFC and negotiations obviously haven't gone well.

''He hasn't been forgotten,'' UFC president Dana White said. ''Arlovski is kind of sitting on the bench.

''I don't know what he's doing. I've talked to his guys a couple of times, and I want to get him back in the mix. If his guys want to talk, I'll fly out to Chicago [today] and talk to them.''

White reiterated that Couture remains under contract for two more fights with the UFC.

''I'm not going to declare that title vacant until he tells me face-to-face he's retiring,'' White said. ''I have a ton of respect for Randy, and I truly believe we're going to work this out.''

Lesnar has joined the legit fight world after starring for the WWE and when asked if he's happy to be leaving an industry that has suffered so many deaths, Lesnar said, ''Absolutely. I'm still alive.''

Conversation also turned inevitably toward Fedor Emelianenko:
"The problem was the deal wasn't about Fedor, but what his managers were going to get," he said. "Not once did they give a s-- what Fedor was going to get. That's why it fell apart. His manager is a f------ liar. It was all about him and not about Fedor.

"Good luck to him, because I don't want Fedor fighting in the UFC."

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