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Tonight's ShoXC Betting Odds

Odds taken from

Malipet  -200
Kaleo Kwan  +160

Shayna Baszler  -290
Jennifer Tate  +230

Muhsin Corbbrey  -130
Bobby McMaster  EVEN

Aaron Rosa  EVEN
Jared Hamman  -130

Javier Vazquez  -260
JC Pennington  +200

I'm not really feeling much betting action wise on this card.  I may throw a little money on Jen Tate as I think she has a better than +230 shot so there is a little value there.  Other than that Corbbrey at -130 is an okay bet in my eyes, I expected him to be somewhere around -180.

In the main event I'd consider dropping a little cash on JC Pennington.  Vazquez had a tricky time winning a split decision with Adriano Pereira in February (his first fight back since 2003).  This will be JC's 10th fight since the start of 2006 (6-2-1 in the previous 9) and he is a much tougher fight than Pereira.  So I'll go ahead and make JC a very good value pick.

So again:
My official "best bets"
JC Pennington +200
Jennifer Tate +230
Muhsin Corbbrey -130

Remember, these are picks of where the best value for your money lies...not necessarily picking who will win the fight.  If you gamble, be ready to lose money.  If you can't afford to lose money, don't gamble.

Drop a comment on what your plays (if you have any) would be before the show starts.

Update [2007-10-26 18:3:53 by Brent Brookhouse]:Right after posting this I went to place some money and Tate is up to +260. Even move value now.

Update [2007-10-27 10:48:53 by Brent Brookhouse]: Okay, so I lost a bit last night. Me and EliteXC don't get along when it comes to the gambling.