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What Was Couture's Press Conference Really About?

Fightlinker has the right insight I think:

Over and over he said it wasn't about money, but over and over Randy kept on using examples where it was about money. I can see how money and respect are tied together ... if the UFC respected Randy, they would treat him like a superstar and cover whatever he wants. On the other hand, leaving the UFC because they "didn't do the small things" like give him extra tickets would be retarded. So rationally, it was the big stuff like the lack of bonus after the Gonzaga fight. And that means it WAS about the money.

Couture's press conference did serve an important purpose though. Even though his claim that it's "not about the money" rang more hollow than ever, his claim that he's being underpaid seems pretty valid now. The fact that he presented all his issues to UFC management two weeks before his resignation and nothing was done is pretty damning too. Finally, he made it clear that he would rather resign and simply make his reasons clear than stick around and create a huge stink. Which is classy in it's own way, and definitely a POV I hadn't considered before.

But this begs the question: if Couture is underpaid as compared to his peers and contemporaries, then why is it inappropriate for Randy to center his claims on money? Ok, his pronouncements to the contrary notwithstanding, is there something amiss about wanting to be fairly compensated? And in a pay system so convoluted, isn't determining what is and isn't fair compensation naturally going to lead to these problems?

More on this later.

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