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Frank Trigg Talks UFC Middleweight Woes

I love Trigg so I'm going to call him out on his self-referencing bullshit, but I've always said if you want a smart, honest answer, Trigg will give it to you. To wit:

It's a little rough because you expect Rich Franklin to do a lot better, and he did, he got into the second round. Rich's boxing style and athletic style is very difficult and the guy that beats Anderson Silva is going be like a Frank Trigg, Dan Henderson, Matt Lindland, a guy that knows how to wrestle and dirty box, in great cardio shape and doesn't mind being inside, just tough hard nosed guys. A lot of the fighters in today's market, and I think Rich Franklin is one of the guys that falls into it, they don't really like to fight. They want to perform. So after looking at Oscar De La Hoya who likes to perform, he's a sweet science boxing guy, but a Mayweather, Winky Wright, Hatton, these guys go in there and some point go "I'm kind of getting his a little bit and I'm getting beat up a little bit, so I'm going to put my head down, shrug my shoulders, and I'm going to go in there and start banging guys up, try and turn this thing into a fight." You have to do that. You have to get a little bit mean, a little bit tight, and that's what Henderson and Trigg bring to the table is that we're kind of mean.

At some point you beat me up I'm going to turn it into a fight and I'm just going to start swinging for the fences and try to take a guy's eyes out of his socket. A lot of fighters don't do that, so the dynamic of it, is that Silva's untouchable. Well, he's untouchable because you don't have Lindland or Trigg in the UFC, and Henderson doesn't want to drop down to 185. There's really no one else in the division, I think Nathan Marquardt had the best shot because hand wise he had the ability but then again he doesn't because he got run over. On paper he did, but he really didn't. There are other guys on paper that fit that mold very well of course I'm nowhere prepared to go in there and do that. I need like 2 or 3 different fights and you've also got a situation where no one has competed at that level for a couple fights and the fans don't know us. We're not in the UFC and haven't been on pay per views in awhile, you would have to get us in there and build up our reputation a little bit.

I couldn't agree more. Discounting submission experts for the moment, an Henderson, Lindland or, yes, even a Trigg aren't guaranteed a win over an Anderson Silva, but that type of fighter - great wrester, great top control, tough, willing to take a shot, controls the inside space, hard punches in close range - is the type to beat him. Whether we actually get to see a match-up like that is another matter, but until Silva faces a fighter of that style and that caliber, I will always have my doubts.

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