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Melvin Guillard Is Back

UFC lightweight fighter Melvin Guillard (coming off an eight-month suspension) discusses his UFC 79 match up against Rich Clementi.

It's pretty much obvious.
I don't like the guy, he don't like me.
I already beat him up once already so its all good.
I'm just going to be in shape and ready to go.
He's never in shape and he can't get to 155 anyways, so I'm not going to worry.

Update [2007-10-23 15:10:57 by Nick Thomas]: Rich Clementi responds on the UnderGround -

I want to know what this crack head was thinking when he said he knocked me out????? Maybe He thought I was someone else because as far as I know the only one who has been knocked out is Melvin in our last kickboxing match. Thank you again Joe for putting this match together. I asked Joe for it every time we've talked. Watch the video you can tell a lot by a mans eyes. He knows. He's a disgrace to the sport and I have no respect for someone that doesn’t respect the game. My only wish is that he loses so he makes only half of his purse.

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