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Bloody Elbow 2.0

Ok, folks, here we go. I put out an APB on potentially writing for this site and so many of you answered the call. So many, in fact, that I was a tad overwhelmed. No bother; I have a strategy in place.

Over the next two days I will contact you if I think you might be a good fit for the site. You'll get all the info you'll need and we will proceed from there. Some of you will be picked to write for specific beats while others will have a tad more editorial license. Neither role is superior to any other, its just that some of you have very unique talents that I'd like to focus in on.

So be just a little more patient with me. The new writers will be on board before you know it.

Lastly, a sincere and heartfelt thank you to everyone who wrote in. It is inspiring to see so many great fans of MMA want to express themselves and help the sport grow. While I simply don't have the room to offer everyone a spot, I have no doubt that writers and fans as dedicated and motivated as you guys will have any trouble landing a gig at a great site anytime soon. So thanks again and thanks for visiting Bloody Elbow.

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