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Fedor Comments On Randy Couture

Pre-press conference, All About MMA scored a short interview with the Russian and asked him about Randy Couture and what he's going through. Nothing earth shattering here, but noteworthy:

AAM: Randy Couture recently resigned saying that fighting you was his only challenge left in the sport.

FE: I feel sad for him, but If you watch my press conference tonight, you will find out more about this issue

AAM: Do you think there is an organization that could make that fight happen?

FE: M 1 global is willing to co-operate with other organisations, it will be up to randy or the UFC.

AAM: Would you like to fight Randy Couture?
FE: I watched him for years , I would like to fight him.

Well, that fight will never happen as a cross-promotional event. Risking a Couture loss - assuming he rescinds his resignation - would be devastating to the UFC's image. But I do wonder what details will be revealed at the press conference that Fedor's alluding to. Stay tuned.

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