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UFC 77 Live Results

I'll be posting results as well as my scoring of the fights as they happen on the Pay Per View.

Feel free to throw in your thoughts on the show as you're watching in the comment section.

Fight night baby!

Kalib Starnes vs. Alan Belcher - Round 1: Belcher cut Stanes above the right eye within about 30 seconds of the first round, the result of sharp strikes. Starnes actually showed some really good boxing skills toward the middle of the first. Belcher let fly with a lot of elbows and knees which bloodied Kalib up badly. I would score round 1 10-8 for Belcher. Starnes cut is HUGE in the corner between rounds. Round 2: The fight was stopped for the cut to be checked and it sounded like Kalib said the blood was going in his eye. Alan Belcher wins via TKO - Doctor Stoppage After the fight Kalib yells at his corner for questioning the stoppage saying "he said he could see my skull!" Lovely...

Stephan Bonnar vs. Eric Schafer - Round 1: Some feeling out striking before Schafer pulled guard. Eventually they ended back on the feet and about 2:10 remaining in the round Schafer got a takedown and worked to get Stephan's back. Bonnar fended off a rear naked choke attempt and the round ends with Schafer going for a kimura. Should be a 10-9 round for Schafer. Round 2: - Schafer pulled guard early in the round and Bonnar did some GnP from the guard. Bonnar continued to pour on punches from the top and worked to half guard where he worked short elbows. Stephan really started posturing up and letting his hands fly resulting in that moment of "giving up" you see when a fighter just wants out. Schafer rolled to his stomach and took a few more shots before Big John stopped the fight. Stephan Bonnar wins by TKO - Ref Stoppage Really good showing for Stephan as he had to stay calm and deal with a bad position in the first and then flipped the switch in the second round.

Jorge Gurgel vs. Alvin Robinson - Round 1: - Striking by both men to start the round until Robinson slipped and Gurgel ended up on top. Gurgel passed to side control but Robinson worked back to regain full guard, but it only lasted about 20 seconds before Jorge regained side control. Jorge got full mount with 5 seconds left in the round to seal a 10-9 round. Round 2: Again some striking to start the round but this time Robinson gets the takedown and there was some solid scrambling by both men. At 3:40 left in the round Jorge ended up gaining top position. Robinson ended up using an Oma Plata to regain top postion where he started firing punches, hammerfists and elbows. The punches started to land more and more solidly and open some cuts. Complete domination by Robinson for the last 2:10 or so of the round. Gurgel looked shaky on his feet as the horn sounded and began walking to the wrong corner. 10-8 round for Robinson in my eyes based on the damage done through striking, good reversals and the only takedown of the round. Round 3 - Right away Robinson got a takedown and started in with punches to the body and face. The fight started to turn into a bit of a massacre as Gurgel couldn't do anything but eat punches. With 1:30 left in the fight Jorge looked out of it, breathing heavy and hurt. Another 10-8 round and on my card the fight is 29-26 for Robinson, who looked fantastic after the first round. Alvin Robinson wins by unanimous decision Scorecards: 29-28, 29-27, 29-27 (fantastic job by two of the judges scoring at least one of the rounds 10-8)

Joe Rogan annouced and interviewed new UFC acquisition Brock Lesnar

Tim Sylvia vs. Brandon Vera - Round 1: Immediate clinch by Vera and Sylvia pushes him up against the cage. Sylvia works some good elbows in the clinch and they exchange knees to the legs. They finally separate and exchange some shots which Vera held his own in. 10-9 round for Sylvia on my card as he maintained the majority of the action against the cage. Round 2: Vera lands a good right hand to start the round but Sylvia ends up with Brandon pushed up against the cage again. Vera reversed to push Tim against the cage but with no action the fighters are separated. The fans are hating the fight and as I type that Vera gets a takedown and ends up in side control. Vera is unable to do anything at all with it and Sylvia gets up but as he goes to stand Vera hits an illegal knee as Sylvia still has a knee on the ground. The round is restarted with 13 seconds left and Vera lands a great body kick to seal a 10-9 round. Round 3: Clinch again right away but Sylvia looks to find range and land punches which he does a couple times before they end up in a clinch against the cage again. They break up and Sylvia lands a few combinations and Vera starts to look a little bit uncomfortable. A nice elbow by Tim opens a big cut on the high forehead of Vera. In the last 20 seconds Tim unloads with some more combos. Really great round for Sylvia. My final scorecard is 29-28 Sylvia. In the corner after the fight Vera says that he broke his hand, and after seeing it without a glove it looks like he is right. Tim Sylvia wins by unanimous decision Scorecards: 29-28, 29-28, 29-27.

Rich Franklin vs. Anderson Silva for the UFC Middleweight Championship - Round 1: Franklin looks good at the start of the round, really crisp, working the leg kicks and moving in and out very well. Anderson manages to get a clinch but Franklin gets a takedown and Silva works back to his feet. Spinning side kick right to the body by Silva and Franklin gets back to work on his boxing. Silva finally turns on some knees and Franklin looksed to be a little hurt by one of the knees to the body. This round is still up in the air with a minute left. Silva drops Franklin with a right hand with 3 seconds left in the round and can barely walk back to the corner. If the round was 5 seconds longer it'd be over already. 10-9 round for Silva. Round 2: Franklin looks pretty good on his feet as the round begins, so the one minute allowed him to recover enough it seems. Again Silva puts him down with a right hand and then starts to absolutely unload and Franklin cumbles to the ground. Anderson Silva wins by KO The ending looked exactly like the first fight; a whole lot of knees, body shots and punches.

Prelim fights are below the fold.


Demian Maia vs. Ryan Jensen - Round 1: Maia with a quick takedown less than 15 seconds in and quickly works to side control. The fight quickly develops into an interesting ground fight with Maia fighting to pass guard and Jensen keeping him there. Maia does manage to get Ryan's back and gets both hooks in. Once the second hook slips in the rear naked choke is secured and Demian Maia wins by submission - Rear Naked Choke.

Non-Televised Yushin Okami def. Jason MacDonald by Unanimous Decision, Josh Burkman def. Forrest Petz by Split Decision, Matt Grice def. Jason Black by Split Decision

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