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Doing Your MMA Homework

Hats off to Jeremy Luchau. Here's a sports journalist who's actually taking the time to understand a sport rather than observe without ever wearing a gi or decking a speed bag. I don't that he covers MMA or that he's fighting to compliment his work as a journalist, but if he ever decides to cover MMA he'll be more informed than 99% of the "experts" chin-stroking their way into paychecks. Peep the details:

Luchau, who is a sports journalist for the Hanford Sentinel, will make his mixed martial arts debut against Lemoore's Michael Satumbaga, who is also making his professional debut, in a 165-pound bout.

The idea for Luchau to fight came about after he wrote a story on fighter Kenny Ento.

After talks with Valley Fight Club owner Robbi Womack and Tachi Palace Director of Entertainment Christian Printup, Luchau began his training.

"They wanted to make sure I had the proper training," Luchau said in a written statement. "They didn't want to just send me out there and get my head bashed in."

He has been training in Brazilian jiu-jitsu, wrestling, boxing, Krav Maga and Muay Thai.

But Luchau says one the most difficult aspects of his training was learning to take a punch because he had never been in a fist fight before.

Lord knows I need to ramp up my training. I've got to call fights on December 8th and I'm still spending half of my day on this blog.

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