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A Little More Info on Melvin Costa's Tats

Looking a little more into Melvin Costa's tattoos brings the picture of what kind of guy he may be (or want to be) into focus a little bit more.

We already have learned that Costa has a small penis...and is a/was an aspiring neo-nazi.  What about the spider web on his right elbow?  When I was talking to Scott from BadLeftHook he mentioned that if he is "truly committed to his craft" that the tat would be a typical Aryan Brotherhood piece meaning that he has killed a minority.

Sure enough research has shown that to be the meaning of the tat ( least one of the meanings...based on the chest tat it would seem to be the meaning that makes the most sense).

From INKEDBlog

On the white-power side, a spider web commonly means that the perpetrator has killed an African-American man. There have been several documented cases of prosecutions based on white-power aficionados attempting to `earn' their spider web.

If you google it you will find several similar explanations.  Most sites talk about how you shouldn't read too much meaning into this type of ink...but kind of hard not to when you're sporting an old-school nazi party symbol.

I maintain that the dude has a right to earn a living regardless of what a flaming dick he may be.  But it sure would be nice to see ProElite come out with AT LEAST a press release.

Update [2007-10-18 19:26:10 by Kid Nate]:

Sam Caplan gets a response from Elite XC boss Gary Shaw:
When contacted by for comment, EliteXC live events president Gary Shaw did not condone Costa having fought for a company owned by ProElite, Inc.

"I try not to allow anyone to anybody to fight in the cage or the ring that has anything inappropriate either on their gear or tattooed permanently on their body," said Shaw, speaking on behalf of EliteXC. "And that means either ethnic, or racial, or anything offensive to the general public."

Shaw indicated that the company could be preparing to take action against Costa.

"I was unaware of the situation (but) I’m in the process of handling it now," he said. "Hopefully, it will never happen again."

However, Shaw stopped short of saying whether Costa would fight for King of the Cage again.

"I’m going to sit down with (King of the Cage president) Terry Trebilcock and probably sit down with Melvin," Shaw began to respond when asked about Costa’s future with the promotion. "We’ll explain what our feelings are both as a public company, and just in general, about things that are offensive to the general public."

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