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Frank Shamrock Comments on Couture's UFC Departure

You had to know he'd have a lot to say:

MV: It's huge news all over the internet and I'd love to hear you weigh-in on the subject. Was this a smart move for Couture?
FS: This was the smartest move that Randy Couture could have made at this point in his career. At his age, and with the level of athletes growing in the sport, he was smart to get out. Also with the UFC only focusing on their brand and not the talent, his growth was always limited in that show.

MV: What other opportunities does he have to fight in MMA while not with Zuffa's Pride or UFC?
FS: Randy Couture is a movie star and a household name. He is a martial artist of the highest caliber. He has diversified into everything from books, movies, shavers, clothing lines, and other endorsements. I don't think he will ever fight again nor does he need to.

MV: What do you know about his allegations that he was most likely not paid as well or as much as other top fighters like Silva and Lidell?
FS: I am sure that they are true. The UFC is only concerned about their brand, not the sport of MMA. It took them years to realize that Randy was an American hero. It took MMA about 5 minutes.

MV: How does this affect MMA in general? And specifically the brand of UFC?
FS: It hurts the UFC big-time; more than when I left the sport as they have no stars in their shows now. The last is Liddell and his life span is short.
MMA will be fine as the new fans don't know about the sport or its history anyways.

MV: Any chance you would fight Couture?
FS: Would love to have him kick my butt. I have trained with him many times and he is the real deal.

MV: I see similarities with your career with Couture's. He left the UFC at the peak of his career for "hollywood." Any thoughts?
FS: He is smart and the jig is up with the UFC. The threats from Dana and his retarded business practices are catching up with the company. The truth always comes out and there it is. This sport is about the martial way not his way.

More on this tomorrow.

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