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Ken Shamrock on Randy Couture's Departure

He's not privy to inside information and I'm sure Shamrock's also got an axe to grind with Dana White, but this is telling:

MMA Madness: So is Couture right to suggest that the UFC is lying? Does this sort of thing happen all the time?

Shamrock: It's a real shame what happened to Randy and he wouldn't lie about what the UFC did to him. There are a lot of good fighters and good people out there, but Couture is special. He's the guy you want your kids to watch fighting. There's toughness, a will to win, and a certain professionalism that he brings. He just does things right. I know him as a person inside the organization. I don't know his outside personal life, but he wouldn't lie. For an organization to do that to a guy like Randy tells us a lot about their character.