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Trigg, Filho, Arona, and Fedor

Now this is interesting:

George Garcia, co-host of TAGG Radio, confirmed on the forums that his long-time friend and radio partner Frank Trigg is in talks to join the WEC as a fighter.

Garcia responded to a post on the forum that claimed Trigg has signed with the WEC and will fight current WEC middleweight champion Paulo Filho for the middleweight title in December.

While reports that a deal has been consummated between Trigg and the WEC appear premature, there appears to be validity to the current set of rumors, according to Garcia's response.

Trigg is always reviled, so he's constantly underrated. In my view, he's a top 10 middleweight across the MMA landscape. Filho would be a very tough test, but if saw his fight with Doerksen, it was clear he had some difficulty establishing the takedown on a prepared opponent. Trigg's wrestling is better than Doerken's, so that makes this match-up incredibly tough.

And then there's this gem:

The website is quoting Vale Tudo news as reporting that Ricardo Arona has announced signing a four fight contract with M-1. It also appears that Arona could fight Fedor Emelianenko as soon as December.

Arona fought Fedor in RINGS and in my view defeated the Russian. He was able to take Fedor down at will and control him on the ground for a large majority of the fight. The rules in RINGS were tricky so I can understand if others disagree. What is not in dispute is that between Arona's and Matt Lindland's ability to control where the fight takes place when you fight Fedor, Randy Couture stands a very good chance of defeating The Russian Cyborg vis-a-vis a very similar strategy.

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