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The Colorful Nick Diaz

Jesse Holland of UFCMania has an interview with the always quotable Nick Diaz. Here's what he has to say about the UFC welterweight division:

Jesse Holland: Tell me about The Ultimate Fighter 4: The Comeback. Weren't you offered a spot on that show?

Nick Diaz: Yeah. They wanted me to go on there and fight guys like Matt Serra and Chris Lytle. Dude, I already beat Chris Lytle. Who do you think would have won that whole show? Who do you think would have been in the finale? It was obvious. I don't even want to get into Matt Serra. That was his time, I mean he's a great guy and I'm happy for him. He fucked up ol' Georges pretty good because he knew he had nothing to lose. I'd love to fight one of these guys.

Jesse Holland: Like who?

Nick Diaz: Georges or Matt Hughes, who the hell is there? Fitch? My boy Jake choked him out already. I'm ready to start talking shit on these guys. What do I have to do to fight one of these guys or get the promoters to make it happen? Call these guys pussies? Fine. They're all pussies. Fuck every single one of them.

Jesse Holland: You don't think Fitch is the real deal?

Nick Diaz: No, I don't. I think I'm gonna slap him and after I slap him I'm gonna beat him. Give me a fight with Fitch, go ahead. The UFC doesn't want me fighting them but I'll be there even when they start falling off because I'm a long distance fighter not like these fragile guys who always get hurt in training. How the hell do you get hurt so much in training? Stop flipping tires and jacking up all these weights.

Jesse Holland: I assume you mean Georges St. Pierre?

Nick Diaz: Sure, this guy is an explosive guy, a strong guy, but how long do you think his body is gonna let him keep that shit up? Five years? I doubt it. He gets hurt every time and then admits it. Diego is over there tearing his quad. What kind of crazy shit are these guys doing? Kill, kill, kill is their motto but then they go and drink on the weekends. That's ok but I smoke pot and I'm an asshole.

But don't think Nick isn't a positive guy:

Jesse Holland (UFCmania): Last season on The Ultimate Fighter, Dana introduced your brother and said that the Diaz brothers were "Angry at the world". Is that an accurate description?

Nick Diaz: No. I'm angry with a lot of people in the world but not the world itself. A lot of things make me mad because I care about stuff. I want to contribute to the good of mankind. I'm not stuck up or anything I want to see people better themselves. Look at our obesity problem. I had a friend who just lost 90 pounds and we took him to the Xterra. I'm all about the optimum fitness level and healthy eating.

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