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A Personal Response to the Dana White Comments

As reported earlier here on Bloody Elbow, Dana White is sick of reporters on this series of tubes talking about his business.'s that same old song and dance from Dana.  As the UFC has grown in size and popularity White has become more and more of a bully toward the very media that has been there since day one.

Issue is being taken with certain information being misreported, yet Dana and the UFC as a whole is falling all over themselves to get coverage on ESPN and other "mainstream sports media" sources.  Ironically, ESPN is one of the head culprits in the "print it first, fact check later" sports media environment.  Just one example (of course...ESPN took to blaming the smaller sites and blogs for their problems as well).

If the concern is the accuracy of information on the "smaller sites" (most of which get far more traffic that White would ever acknowledge) then the UFC needs to work to open the lines of communication.  Put more info out there to curb the need for sites to go through friends of friends for information.  Embrace the new age of reporting, cater to the internet community that is drooling at the chance to consume more and more UFC news.  It's the digital age baby!  Get on board!

Then again, this is a president of a major sporting organization who carries himself in such an over-the-top manner that it would make Mark Cuban blush.  Why should I expect him to react to anything with calm and rational behavior?  The constant barrage of "f-bombs" comes off more thuggish and unprofessional than half the behaviors that lead him to his "We're not ** you ** want to be a ** fighter?" rants.  It all stems from that same feeling of invincibility that leads to him trashing the very sites and fans that kept the promotion afloat during the bad times.

The idea that the sport needs more exposure to continue to grow should be the only one that matters to the UFC.  It doesn't matter if it is through the internet, television, radio, or word of mouth.  White, however, doesn't seem to believe this.  We've become Ducky to the UFC's Andie Walsh.  Sure, we were cool when there was no one else, but you want to hang out with the cool kids now.

Well, that's very nice. I'm glad. Well here's the point. I'm not particularly concerned with whether or not you like me, because I live to like you and... and I can't like you anymore. So... so when you're feeling real low and... and dirty, don't look to me to pump you back up 'cause... 'cause... 'cause maybe for the first time in your life I won't be there!

...ah, who am I kidding?  Of course I'll be there...I love this sport too damn much.  But, hey, how could I pass on the opportunity to give you two Pretty In Pink references in one MMA article?

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