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Where Is the Japanese Talent Going?

Shu Hirata's ADCC feature on the end of PRIDE includes some interesting speculation about where the top Japanese stars may wind up fighting -- limbo:

Aoki earlier in the week already released the statement that he would be "looking for a new MMA home." Is he talking about DEEP? Probably not, because unless DEEP nails the TV deal with national television, or score a big corporate sponsorship, with their current venue size it will not be able to afford Aoki's purse.
Hidehiko Yoshida, already expressed that he would be looking to continue fighting in Japan. With his gi and the judo status, he is the fighter for sure, with multiple corporate sponsors, that would make more money fighting in Japan so it make sense for him but the situation is a bit different for fighters like Takanori Gomi and Hayato "Mach" Sakurai. Sakurai already announced that he is doing a shoot boxing fight in year's biggest show for Ceasar Takeshi's Shoot Boxing at Ryogoku Sumo Arena on October 28th. Is this a sign that some fighters like Sakurai, are still willing to wait and see how the situation will develop in Japan? There is a rumor of a big show in Japan during the New Year holiday season but no one is really hearing about a new mega MMA show starting. On October 5th, HERO'S head Tanikawa said, "To protect the Japanese Kakutougi (MMA) world, all fighters must unite" but never made any clear statement on his interests towards top fighters like Gomi, Aoki, or Sakurai. Nothing is certain for now but one thing fighters are starting to realize that it is the time for them to make a decision. HERO'S, UFC, the other shows in the States, or fight in the medium-size promotion and wait and see?

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