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The UFC Middleweight Mess

Matt McEwan Adam Morgan does an excellent job of articulating the central problem with the UFC's 185lbs division:

Rich Franklin ruled the division from the moment he dropped down to 185....until he was decimated by Anderson Silva. Silva was brought in to spruce up the division and provide a legit challenge to Franklin. He did that - and more. The UFC is now nearly back at square one, with a division featuring a dominant champ and no real contenders on the horizon.

If Franklin pulls out the win in the rematch, then some short term plans can be put in place. Silva can start the climb back to a rematch much the same as Franklin has been doing in 2007. Franklin won't have many challengers in the meantime, but at least we have a situation to build on and a rubber match to look forward too.

But what if Silva - as expected by many - goes to 2-0 against Franklin? Where does the division go then?

Read here to find out.

For my money, I'm not sure how much sense it really makes keeping Paulo Filho in the WEC. The WEC is clearly important to Zuffa as it should be, but when your marquee organization has a division with a very thin talent pool, things have to change. I don't really see the WEC as suffering without Filho. The WEC is perfect for guys like Joe Doerksen and Chris Lytle - two very talented fighters in stacked UFC divisions who could really shine if they aren't forced to face the cream of the crop over and over again. Filho, on the other hand, is a phenom of sorts. Even if the American crowd isn't exactly familiar with him, it hardly matters. I say move Filho to the UFC and wait for Denis Kang to be a free agent.

And don't sleep on Akihiro Gono either.

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