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The Ballad of Cabbage Correira

Sherdog tells the story while my guitar gently weeps:

In what seems an unfortunate trend for Wesley "Cabbage" Correira, the 28-year-old Hawaii native has dropped out of another bout. This time he has been scratched from a fight with Aleksander Emelianenko at the Oct. 19 Hardcore Championship Fighting in Calgary, Alberta, Canada.

"Truthfully we were never given a reason why he is a no-show," HCF CEO Keith Crawford told "His management is just as baffled by the lack of response for a fight of this nature. We were told that he is missing in action. I can guarantee you that Mr. Correira will never get a chance to compete in HCF. Our ownership group is steadfast in its resolve to treat fighters with the utmost respect ... until they disrespect us."

This comes after Correira dropped out of a bout against Deustch Pu'u at the Aug. 4 X-1 event in Honolulu just moments before the fight.

Cabbage's problems in terms of mentally being where he needs to be to compete at high level MMA really began to show after Tank KO'ed him in their rematch. I'm sure whatever problems he has have been there for a while and they seem to be getting worse. I don't know if he's lost the spark because he realizes a decent chin - or what used to be a decent chin - just isn't enough to make a career in MMA anymore or if the problems are deeper. Here's to hoping Cabbage can sort himself and find a little solace.