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Huerta and Guida: A Difference in Attitude

Roger Huerta talks about their upcoming fight December 8:

I respect Guida as a person and as a fighter, but he stands in the way of my quest for the title. It seems there are doubters out there, and this fight will serve as another opportunity to make them believers. I will be more explosive than ever. I will be, quicker, stronger, and it goes without saying that my goal is to have the UFC belt around my waist.

Here's Guida:

This is a tailor-made fight for the UFC, it has `Fight of the Night' written all over it. I'm looking forward to it, I'm sure Roger is preparing, and so am I. I am so excited to fight him and so honored to headline this card. It's going to be an action-packed fight to say the least.

See the difference? Huerta is talking about winning and Guida is talking about having a good fight. At the level these guys are fighting at every little edge matters. I'm picking Huerta, the guy with the killer instinct.

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