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Anderson Silva

This interview he did with MMA Ring Report reveals a few notable points:

One, Silva is a very gracious champion. He never has an unkind word to say about Rich Franklin or former colleagues. He is a true, professional sportsman, something any sport would be happy to have.

Two, heading into this fight I'm far more impressed with his training partners than I am with Franklin's. Lyoto Machida, Big Nogueira, Vitor Belfort, and the entire Black House team are pretty tough to beat.

Three, he always says just enough without ever really saying anything. Obviously it's a strategic move, but it's clever nonetheless. He would easily be one of the first guys whose brain I'd like to pick once he was done with the sport and more open to revealing his true thoughts and beliefs.

I wish both he and Rich Franklin the best of luck on October 20th. Win or lose, the UFC will have a very deserving champion. If for no other reason, that's a great moment to celebrate.

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